Creating a digital backbone for integrated healthcare delivery in India

Swasth Alliance is a collaborative that leverages digital technologies to drive healthcare inclusion and improve health outcomes





Technology-enabled, Value-based, Integrated Care leading towards Universal Health Coverage and Health for All in India.



Leverage digital technologies to drive healthcare inclusion & improve health outcomes, with a particular focus on enabling comprehensive, integrated care models.




by Dr Pramod Varma

Ex-Chief Architect Aadhaar & India Stack; CTO, EkStep Foundation; Architect, and; building population-scale Digital Public Infrastructure



Swasth emerged as an important pillar in the country’s fight against COVID-19 and helped last-mile healthcare delivery at a time of great need. Currently, it is steadily expanding to be a key initiative that our healthcare system needs - a standard-based protocol for digital health claims exchange. It has been a pleasure guiding the team’s tireless work towards democratising and digitising access to healthcare, and I’m excited for Swasth’s journey of impactful growth.

Kris Gopalakrishnan Board Chair

It has been a pleasure to work with the talented and deeply passionate team at Swasth Alliance. Each wave of COVID-19 threw up entirely new challenges, with wave 2 testing the entire nation’s resilience . The team and volunteers at Swasth worked on a 24-hour cycle during that critical period to mount a nationwide response, well beyond the point when the rest of us were entirely depleted. One of their core strengths is the spirit of collaboration, volunteering, and openness which they have in their DNA - this is the “superpower” that allows them to do what they do so well. I am proud to be associated with them.

Nachiket Mor Board Member

In April 2020, a group of people got together with a commitment to look at how technology, innovation and commitment could help humanity. Thus Swasth was born! Through the pandemic, much help was provided to India’s people, the government, and remote areas which were supported in innumerable ways. As the waves ebbed, this group remained buoyant and looked at what else could be done to help health in general. Streamlining and creating efficiency in health insurance was one such example. The conglomerate consists of committed people, who devote time, energy and intellect voluntarily and at no cost. I have been involved from day one in Swasth,it has been a wonderful experience. Kudos to the team. This journey has no stops!

Dr Nandakumar Jairam Board Observer

We are delighted with the role that Swasth Alliance is playing in convening and aligning healthcare organisations towards India's most urgent challenges. This is absolutely critical for us to collectively meet India's healthcare needs. We have come to greatly admire their ability to get the right partners for the right task, their commitment to evidence-based treatment/clinical protocols and their ability to follow the journey of healthcare delivery to the last mile. We wish the Swasth team much success and look forward to continued collaboration with them.

Aditi Hazra Ganju Co-founder, Saathealth