Born in national interest in response to 2020's COVID19 pandemic, Swasth is an alliance of over 150 healthcare organisations.

Empowered by wide partnerships in the public, private, non-profit and academic sectors, Swasth has been instrumental in providing relief on a national scale during the crisis. Current efforts are focussed on building a Digitised Health Benefits Ecosystem as a first step to Universal Health Coverage.

This work holds the beginnings of an immensely impactful and interoperable health benefits network covering the continuum of care



Swasth launched
  1. Telemedicine Service Launched
  2. COVID-19 Health Home Service Launched, Multiple States Served
April - June2020
  1. Organisation Incorporated and Executive Team Hired
  2. Consortium grew to 100+ members
July - September2020
  1. Selected by NHA for telemedicine gateway pilot
  2. Launched Oxygen Concentrator pilot program
  3. Health Claims standards work with industry wide alignment
October - December2020
  1. Deployed 160 oxygen concentrators across 9 states
  2. Built alignment for HCX with most private insurers and regulators
January - March2021
  1. Launched Oxygen For Everyone: Deployed over 45K oxygen devices and community resource platform
  2. Convened the Swasth Community Science Alliance
April - May2021
  1. UHI consultations with 100+ orgs
  2. Launched HCX specs with industry
June - October2021
  1. 44,718 oxygen concentrators, 6774 BiPAPs devices distributed pan India
  2. HCX Specs: Rolled out version 0.7-draft for detailed review
  3. HCX Open Source Software v1 launched, first integrator onboarded
  4. HCX Java SDK launched
November 21 - March2022
  1. HCX Specs: Protocol version 0.7 fully released after detailed review
  2. HCX Specs: v0.8 with notification and report infra draft started
  3. HCX Open Source Software v1.1 launched,
  4. HCX Java SDK launched
  5. Sandbox and PoC environments made available for ecosystem integrations
  6. First integrator onboarded
April -December2022
  1. v0.8 with notification and report infra released
  2. Work on semantic interoperability, terminology reviews underway
  3. New use cases (reimbursements, OPD, hybrid) being evaluated by the community
  4. HCX .NET and Python SDKs released
  1. Formulation of detailed guidelines on participants' onboarding, grievance redress, operating policies and network relations templates
  2. Initiation of work streams on data sharing for underwriting, provider incentivisation for digitisation, and delayed intimation
  3. Inaugural in-person HCX Integrators’ Workshop with 50+ participants
  4. Multiple integrations underway, 3 in final stages of go-live
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