Swasth Community Science Alliance

The Swasth Community Science Alliance (CSA) launched a compendium of resources which include guidelines, toolkits and much more, to assist with the management of COVID-19 and the improvement of health outcomes in rural India.


Our public resources include ready-to-deploy kits for administrators, community health workers, and clinical personnel staffing home-based COVID-19 care programs and care centres. These kits provide key monitoring, treatment, and referral guidelines that are appropriate for resource-constrained contexts, in addition to data-management tools and a consultation helpline.


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India was marked by debilitating misinformation about the course of the disease and its appropriate management, contributing to an alarming rise in complications, suffering, and death. The CSA is a partnership of community-based organizations, frontline clinicians, and leading scientists from India and the Indian diaspora that seeks to develop a community of practice committed to advancing evidence-based COVID-19 care, contextualized to rural India. The CSA will provide a suite of timely clinical resources for use in rural and urban settings, all vetted for scientific accuracy.


The Community Science Alliance (CSA) is coordinated by Swasth, in collaboration with a range of partners in India, including Rapid Rural Community Response, Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS), Seva Mandir, Healing Fields Foundation, Basic Health Services (BHS), SEWA Rural, the IDFC Institute, and the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI). The CSA provides knowledge and technical support while Swasth provides material support to implementation partners.

Our knowledge partners also include members from Harvard Medical School; Duke University Sanford School; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; PD Hinduja Hospital; Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences; and Noora Health, Saathealth

  1. Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Board provides evidence-based guidance and counsel to partners developing content and implementing programs.

Dr. Shitij Arora

Assoc. Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Satchit Balsari

Asst. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Rajani Surendar Bhat

Consultant Pulmonologist & Physician, Board of Doctors

Dr. Percy Bharucha

Director, Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences, India

Dr. Ajay Desai

Director, Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences, India

Dr. Richa Gupta

Professor and Head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, CMC Vellore, India

Dr. Bhakti Hansoti

Assoc. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Yogesh Kalkonde


Dr. Salmaan Keshavjee

Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Charuta Mandke

Assoc. Professor, Dr R N Cooper Municipal General Hospital, India

Dr. Pavitra Mohan

Basic Health Services, India

Dr. Manoj Mohanan

Assoc. Professor, Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University

Dr. Abhijit Nadkarni

Assoc. Professor, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Sangath, India

Dr. Ajay Nair

Chief Executive Officer, Swasth Alliance

Dr. Paresh Navalkar

Director, Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. Vikram Patel

Pershing Square Professor of Global Health, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Gajanan Phutke

Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS), India

Dr. Priscilla Rupali

Chair and Professor, Infectious Diseases Department, CMC Vellore

Dr. Ashish Satav

President, MAHAN, India

Dr. Shekhar Saxena

Professor of the Practice of Global Mental Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Amita Sudhir

Assoc. Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Virginia

Dr. Zarir Udwadia

Chest specialist, PD Hinduja Hospital, India; Member of the National Task Force to streamline oxygen allocation

  1. Advisory Committee

Dr. Reuben Abraham

CEO, IDFC Institute

Dr. Richard Cash

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Aparna Hegde

Founder and Managing Trustee, ARMMAN

Dr. David E. Golan

Dean for Research Operations and Global Programs, George R. Minot Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Nandakumar Jairam

Senior Advisor, Manipal Hospitals, India, Steering Committee Member, Swasth Alliance

Dr. Tarun Khanna

Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School

Dr. Suneeta Krishnan

Deputy Director, Strategy, Planning & Management, Evaluation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, India

Dr. Kayla Laserson

Deputy Director, Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Delivery, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, India

Dr. Nachiket Mor

Commissioner, The Lancet Commission on Reimagining Healthcare in India, Board Member, Swasth Alliance

Dr. CS Pramesh

Director of the Tata Memorial Hospital, Professor and Head of Thoracic Surgery at the Tata Memorial Centre, India, Board Member, Swasth Alliance

Dr. Gautam Sen

Chairman and Founder Healthspring Community Medical Centres, India

Dr. Ajay K. Singh

Senior Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, Harvard Medical School

  1. Design Core

Abhishek Bhatia

Harvard Mittal Institute

Amrita Dhupelia

Swasth Alliance

Neha Joseph

Harvard Mittal Institute

Dr. Sehj Kashyap

IDHN Fellow 2021, Harvard Mittal Institute

Dr. Urvi Pai

Swasth Alliance

Sraavya Sambara

Harvard University